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Sichuan Rural Doctor Training Class Was Opened

China Social Assistance Foundation    2009-07-17 14:24

At the opening ceremony, leaders such as Vice Chairman of China Red Cross, Secretary-General of Chinese Red Cross Foundation, and Executive Vice Chairman of Sichuan Red Cross attended, in addition to 100 rural doctors from local village clinics.


As the undertaker of this doctor training class, President Fan of Chengdu Chinese Traditional Medicine College Committed on behalf of the college that he will actively assist CRCF to fulfill the target of this class and participate in Red Cross career with social responsibilities. Within two weeks time, the college will arrange trainees to study over twenty topics under the guidelines of  the China rural doctor training center, for instance, new cooperative medical system and health innovation, health care prevention and improvement, knowledge of Chinese traditional medicine and emergency assistance. Meanwhile they also will organize trainees to visit and participate in practice in order to offer better medical service for local residents.


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