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China Social Assistance Foundation Cooperated with Bazaar to Hold the 8th Bazaar Stars’ Charity Eve

China Social Assistance Foundation    2010-08-13 15:00

On 25th April, 2010, the highest and most influential charity activity was held in Shanghai before the Shanghai World Expo---the 8th Bazaar Stars’ Charity Eve. More than 400 entertaining stars, elites of enterprises and celebrities gathered n Shanghai to raise money for charity by a charity sale. In total, they raised about 188.28887billion RMB. This charity money will be donated to the China Social Assistance Foundation to rebuild Yushu, constructing and rebuilding the public welfare of Southwest drought area and poverty areas, and improving the environment which people live on.


Meanwhile, Halle Berry, the famous actress of Hollywood, the winner of the best actress Oscar Awards and the Berlin Film Festival, was invited to Shanghai to support this Chinese charity festival from America.


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